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Sliquid Sea Water Based Personal Lubricant

Sliquid Sea is a water based and water soluble, glycerin and paraben free personal lubricant, blended with seaweed extracts.

Each extract provides benefits: Wakame is a seaweed that contains B vitmains, and reduces inflammation and improves elasticity in your skin. Nori is an algae that prevents oxidation of the skin and is a very effective  moisturizer. Carrageenan, is one of natures most effective lubricants. Together, these extracts of the sea blends with Sliquid H20 lubricant to provide a slippery, sensual lubricant with the fantastic properties of the sea.  Non-staining, unscented and unflavoured.

Special Features:

  • Blended with seaweed extracts
  • Water based
  • Glycerin free
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Suitable with condoms
  • Suitable with sex toys
  • No flavour or scent
  • Non-staining
  • Water soluble



Vibrator/Dildo Compatibility:

Sliquid Sea Personal Lubricant is compatible with all vibrators and dildos, including silicone vibrators/dildos.

Optional Blends:

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Glycerine Free
Glycerine Free Yes
Lubricant Base
Lubricant Base Water based
Paraben Free
Paraben Free Yes
Size 125 mls
Vibe / Dildo Compatibility
Vibe / Dildo Compatibility All, including silicone
Special Features
Special Features Blended with seaweed extracts - Vegan friendly - suitable with condoms - Suitable with sex toys - Non-toxic - Non-staining - Water soluble

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